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So a few years ago, I was at camp when I got the idea for this plot. Since then, I’ve developed on it  a lot, and I’m currently in the process of getting my thoughts down on paper and posting it to my Wattpad. Here’s my pitch… it’s still a bit rough, but it’s something like what I want it to be when I publish:

Ave’s been coming to Derawood for ten years now, and every year it’s the same. But this year she meets Kylee, a girl who seems to be just as sarcastic as her, as well as Nate, an unbelievably cute guy with the most enticing green eyes ever, hands down. So what if PDA’s of limits? Never stopped her before.
But somewhere in the introductions, Kylee might have forgotten to mention that she’s well, a little crazy. And possibly a serial killer. Throw in her weird friendship with the camp counselor, and there’s bound to be trouble.
Ah, summer camp.

Anywho, enjoy. Oh, and by the way, the image above is NOT mine. I found it online and edited it to fit my needs.

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