I thought I’d share a random thing about my sister that I find to be funny. See, she likes taking everyday words and twisting them around to make them her own. She’s really quick witted, and the girl has something hilarious to say in just about every situation you could imagine. My sister has a bit of a potty mouth as well, but that’s to be expected from a fifteen-year-old.

Anyway, she’s recently taken to calling the internet by a more interesting name, the ‘interwebs’.

Do any of your friends/family like to make words their own in a way similar to that of my sister?

xx Ashley


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Why I’m Procrastinating

So, I promised my Wattpad readers that I’d be posting an update on Derawood tonight. Chapter four is what I’m planning to post. The only problem? I haven’t even started writing Derawood yet. I mean, I still plan on posting it, but I’m having a really difficult time getting myself to open Word and get back to writing.

I wrote up a list of reasons why I’m not writing my book right now, and here it is… Continue reading

“If I was given the choice between having the world back and having you, I wouldn’t be able to give you up. Not to save five billion lives.” –Stephenie Meyer, The Host