Why I’m Procrastinating

So, I promised my Wattpad readers that I’d be posting an update on Derawood tonight. Chapter four is what I’m planning to post. The only problem? I haven’t even started writing Derawood yet. I mean, I still plan on posting it, but I’m having a really difficult time getting myself to open Word and get back to writing.

I wrote up a list of reasons why I’m not writing my book right now, and here it is…

1. It’s something I can do tomorrow. This isn’t really a valid excuse though, since I kind of promised to post today. Technically, I could renege…

2. There are still six hours and twenty-four minutes left of ‘today’, and therefore, I still have six hours and twenty-four minutes until I have to post. Why do it now? I work better on a deadline, anyway. I’ll probably open word around eleven thirty.

3. I have a ton of other things to do: pack my suitcase, read some other blogs, repaint my nails, eat the muffins my sister’s making, put away my clothes, clean my room, make my bed, make a new playlist, take a nap, go for a run… and the list continues.

4. What if I write a bad chapter? Then I’ll just have to re-write it, and re-writes suck. They’re my second-least-favorite thing to do as a writer. My first is editing. But then, aren’t re-writes a form of editing? I think so. Which would make re-writes part of my least favorite thing to do as a writer. Great, I’m getting off track. Which leads me to my next reason…

5. I’m distracted. I swear, I’ve got the attention span of a five year old who’s just consumed their body weight in pixie sticks. I can’t stick to one topic for very long. It’s crazy that I’m this far in my blog post. But it has taken me like half an hour to get this far, since I keep getting up and pacing the room. Weird, right? Does anyone else pace when they’re thinking? It’s one of my quirks. I have a lot of quirks, like the fact that I smell my food before I eat it. If it doesn’t smell good, it doesn’t get eaten. Tell me I’m not the only one who does that.

6. It’s been a few days since I’ve written. I’ve been busy the last few days, so I just haven’t gotten the opportunity to open up Word. So I’m off my game. Sometimes I get into this really intense writing mind frame and I can write and write for days without getting tired of it. But taking a break took a toll on me, and I’m just lacking the motivation.


As you can see, I’m at quite a dilemma. I was out in the heat earlier, and I can’t handle heat at all. It upsets my stomach, makes me dizzy, and gives me terrible headaches. I also got a sunburn. So today hasn’t been a great day. No worries, though. When I’m done posting this, I’ll probably only surf a few more blogs, like Dear Good Greatsby (it’s so funny! I’m literally falling out of my chair half the time as I read his posts), and then I’ll force myself to open up word and do work.

You better be appreciative.

xx Ashley


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8 thoughts on “Why I’m Procrastinating

  1. Seems you are on your way to writing(lot safer than spy)as this post was a good read. At 16 you say ? Oh, the heat ! Miami is like Bataan Death March from now to beginning of October. Good Greatsby is fantastic humorist/writer . I can’t believe he produces quality every day. I have a lot of traffic and some posts are too long to focus on if you have to respond to your own stuff and that of others. If it is not a quick read I have to skip his posts but you have the perfect length for post here in my opinion. Thanks visit my blog.

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