The Sunburn From Hell

Yesterday was Independence Day, as anyone in the United States and probably outside of the US knows, I spent the entire day outside.

For those of you who are unaware (this should include just about anyone who reads my blog) I have very pale skin. Very pale skin. If I hold up a piece of printer paper to my stomach, they blend together. Alright, that was a complete exaggeration. But you get the point, yes?

Back to my first sentence. I spent the entire day outside. And, naturally, I forgot to apply sunblock. Usually I’m obsessive with sunblock, but yesterday, I was in one of those “ah, screw it!” moods that teenagers tend to always be in, and I left the sunblock in the car while I ran around in a short pair of shorts and a tee shirt that left my arms almost entirely exposed.

Unfortunately, yesterday was not an ideal day to be in an “ah, screw it!” mood, as the UV index was classified as “very high,” a fact I did not learn until after I was transformed into a lobster. 

It’s actually painful just reading what I’ve written so far. My skin is as hot as a frying pan and as red as a tomato. Have I mentioned how much pain I’m in? No? Well, I’m pretty sure that what I’m experiencing right now is comparable to how I imagine giving birth feels.

Just kidding! I’m sure giving birth is a whole other level of hell. Note to any mothers who may read this: my above statement was not meant to be offensive.

Anyway, back to the point. I’m in pain, and it’s completely my fault. I already tried blaming this horrible sunburn on my mom, my sisters, my best friend, and half the people who I go to church with, and it didn’t work. They all know as well as I do that I wouldn’t be suffering right now if I’d just taken five minutes and slathered on some sunblock. Actually, I think I’ll blame this sunburn on the sunblock. If it weren’t so greasy and time consuming to apply, I would’ve just done it. Yeah, there we go. It’s all the sunblock’s fault that I’m burnt to a crisp. I feel much better now that I have something to blame my pain on.

Now before you all start scolding me for being a complete Negative Nelly, I do have one positive thing to say about my sunburn. In about a week, it will tan! I’ll no longer be “the pale one” who almost glows in the dark from my insanely light skin tone! I’m going to be one step closer to accomplishing one of my summer goals, which was to go back to school with a little bit of color on me.

In conclusion, I want to remind everyone to apply sunblock. Apply it liberally. Apply it everywhere, even if you think you won’t get burnt. If you don’t you will get burnt. The sun is devious and sneaky. It’ll attack you with it’s brutal death rays the instant you leave the cover of shade without your sunblock shield. Don’t believe me? Just wait. It’ll get’cha.

I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t leave the house without my sunblock from now on.

P.S. I lied! I didn’t learn my lesson! I rode my bike to and from work today, and I didn’t apply sunscreen. Oops. I blame it on the fact that I’m sixteen. *shrugs* I’ve got my whole life to learn lessons.

P.P.S. (or is it p.s.s.?) Just because someone is a teenager doesn’t mean it makes them incapable of learning from their mistakes! I was simply using the stereotype that many adults seem to believe.


5 thoughts on “The Sunburn From Hell

  1. Hi! I’m so sorry you got burned yesterday! That is the worst. My mom was super pale (blonde hair, blue eyes) and we grew up in very hot climates. Several years ago she had a breathing disorder and went to the doctor– turned out to be skin cancer from too much burning in the sun, and it had spread through her body. She died 6 months later. Okay, I know that is a CraZy sad story to be telling, but I just wanted to say that I really learned from her mistake. Now my whole family puts sunblock on whenever we know we’re going to be in the sun. It freaks me out! Anyway, more to the point– Take care of your beautiful skin and I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!!! 🙂

    • Thank you, and I’m sorry about your loss!

      I’ve heard that with every really bad sunburn you get as a kid/adolescent, your chances for skin cancer, and it kind of freaks me out to hear stories like this and think “what if I have to go through that because I was an idiot and I didn’t apply sunblock?”

      Sigh. I’m buying another bottle of sunblock this weekend, and then I’ll have a bottle stashed in my purse, in the car, and in the house.

  2. Came to Miami in 1954 when I was 5. We kmow how to handle it. But the radiation that comes through now has to be more dangerous. Ii is scary to see these earth changes within one’s own lifetime.

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